This is Emergency Services as its Defined on a Community Services Boards' Web Site

Emergency Services/Crisis Counseling is a State mandated program. This unit provides short-term crisis counseling and referrals to individuals on an emergency basis. Emergency and crisis response services include: telephone interventions; face-to-face assessments and evaluation (including pre-admission screening); psychiatric consultation and other clinical consultation about mental health, substance abuse, and special populations which include children, adolescents, geriatric, people with mental retardation, and individuals involved in the forensic system. Emergency Services/Crisis Counseling is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Things Sure Aren't What They Used to be..Conditions Sure Have Changed

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mid-Mountain CSB-You most likely wouldn't want to request rocket designs or have your brain worked on here.....

First off, if anyone stumbled across this site and doesn’t know what CSB is...well, its Community Services Board. Yes, these are the agencies around the state whose job it is...well, they are charged with the responsibility of supplying mental heath and substance abuse services for the folks in the community that they serve. Anyway, where was I? OK. Stay with me on this one as I'm sure you will see the logic that is escaping me. Here goes. If you want to be an Emergency Services' Worker in the Commonwealth, you must have a masters' degree (social work, psychology, and so on) and become certified. No, becoming certified is not the equivalent of SEAL training, or training at Quantico to become an Embassy Guard, or becoming an Army Ranger. The certification process goes something like this; read some stuff, watch some videos, sit in on few evaluations, do a few evaluations, and have a supervisor watch you do a few evaluations. Now, this in no way denigrates the folks who do this frankly the job is a real....anyway, it sure ain't easy folks. Yes, a lot of it is routine and requires little thinking; however, the tough cases will just about do you in. (Let's get this in some perspective.....any of us who are not in Iraq or Afghanistan being shot at and blown up because of the bozo in the White House, basically have it made.) Where was I? Oh, yes. There are some folks who were grandfathered in who do not have a masters' degree. Yes, these were the folks working as ES workers who had, I think, at least three years experience. Hmmm. Now, until a few months ago we were paid overtime and also paid time and a half for working holidays. Noooooooo, there was no pay differential for working the late night shifts or weekends which seems pretty common in the market place. All of a sudden They decided that we would no longer be paid extra for working holidays and that we would no longer be allowed to work overtime. Again, pay attention here. This confuses even me and hey, it’s my job.

They say that we have to juggle the schedule, that is, if I work two hours over...then I need to come in two hours late at some point to avoid overtime. Hmmm.

OK. By the very nature of the job, we will work more hours than scheduled. Period. That's an absolute. As an example, we can be tied up as many as five hours working on one case. As an example, let's say I'm working a 4PM to midnight shift. Further, let's say that we get a police call at..hmmm...11:30PM. OK, we respond to all police calls immediately. Lots of important one being that, there ain't that many officers out there Protecting and Serving. Yep, everyone is shorthanded.

Anyway, so I go. Let's say I work on the case until 2:30AM.

You really need to pay attention here....... OK, a shift is 8 hours. Sooooooo, I have now worked two hours over, which means that I need to come in two hours later on a shift to make everything OK. Really pay attention now... OK, let's say I'm employee A. Now, so that I can come in late on my next 4PM shift, employee B worked from 8AM until 6PM. Hey, OK. That solves the problem. Well, now employee B has worked overtime so he or she must come in two hours late on a shift or leave two hours early. Folks, I'm sure you've gotten it by now. No more on this one.

More good stuff coming.

We have folks who work part-time. Though I could be wrong on this one, it's my understanding that they get paid time and a half for holidays. Hmmm. What can I say. Part time workers get paid more than full time workers. I guess They think it's OK.

Another good one. We have a worker who was full time with ES (grandfathered masters) who decided the grass was greener and took another job in our agency. The person soon realized, Hey, I want back in ES. Again, listen carefully, no I'm not a magician...and I doubt there's magic going on here....sooooooooooooooo, this person says, Hey, I screwed-up...I made a bad decision. Let me back.

Well, THEY (yes, the old they) said, No way Jose, you don't have a masters degree. But, your Excellency, I'm certified. Serf, we don't care. But, we will allow you to work for us part-time.

Your Excellency, why is it that I can work part-time, needing the same credentials, but can't work full time.

How dare you question our decision. Anymore outburst and we'll boil you in oil...or something.

OK. Back to the no overtime policy. Yes, another one that you need to pay attention..... The person who was full time, quit and took another full time position in the agency? Remember? OK. He is full time at his job....and, he can work part time in ES. How does that work? We can't work over time...but, he has full time job and then works more hours in ES....the time that he works in ES is surely over the time of a full time schedule in the person's regular job. Is that not over time??? Hey, maybe this is all a dream...nightmare...or, something....

All of this would seem to bring a new meaning to twisted logic........