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Emergency Services/Crisis Counseling is a State mandated program. This unit provides short-term crisis counseling and referrals to individuals on an emergency basis. Emergency and crisis response services include: telephone interventions; face-to-face assessments and evaluation (including pre-admission screening); psychiatric consultation and other clinical consultation about mental health, substance abuse, and special populations which include children, adolescents, geriatric, people with mental retardation, and individuals involved in the forensic system. Emergency Services/Crisis Counseling is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When is a Hospital not a Hospital?

Is this a trick question? Not really...but, anyway, here goes.
Though I am not sure of the procedure that must be followed to open a hospital, I'm assuming that you must meet with some type of a state commission. Making further assumptions, it would seem that you'd have to show a need; yes, prove to the commission that the community where you want to open this hospital, has a need for it.
We, speaking for the citizens, would hope that there would be at least a speck of good intentions... that is, that the folks opening this hospital would actually want to help the people in the area that they will be serving. You know....Hey, we're doctors and we're here to help and serve you. Yes, we went to medical school because we are concerned about the maladies, sicknesses, and illnesses that plague us and we want to help.
From the standpoint of the folks who own the hospital, they want to make money. Hey, nothing wrong with that. The question is, can the two find a synthesis of sorts? Can the two goals both be met, which at times would seem to be at odds with each other? Let's see.
Oh, yeah...back to the initial question...When is a hospital not a hospital?
Naively, I will ask this. If something can't do its job, so to speak, is it still what it's supposed to be.... OK, a car is something that provides transportation. If a car can no longer provide transportation, is it still a car? That is, if it has a dead battery, flat tires, anything to keep it from providing transportation, can we really say it's still a car?
OK. On to hospitals....
Now, what would seem to be the elements, so to speak of a psychiatric hospital? That is, if we were to say we wanted to open a hospital, what would we need to have before we could call it a hospital?
A way to provide room and board. Yes, we need a bed and food. We need folks to care for our patients; doctors, nurses, and other staff to provide treatment and maintain a safe environment. Yes, there are others to maintain the building, kitchen staff, and so on..but, for our purposes we'll break it down to three elements; doctors to accept and treat the patients, beds, and the staff for treatment and safety.
OK. A week or so ago I needed to find a bed for a twelve year old girl. This girl had no health problems and had insurance. This girl was not in need of special staffing (one-on-one) and didn't have behaviors that would put other children at risk. One of the few that I've seen lately that would seem to be the perfect patient. Sooooooo, would our local hospital accept her? Nope. Why you might ask? Were they full? Nope.
Out of the three elements mentioned above they only had two. They had a bed and staff, guessed it......No doctors!!!!!!!!!!!
So folks, in my mind, this was no longer a hospital, though when they answered the phone, that's how they identified themselves.
The twelve year old girl. What happened to her?
Well, yes, we did find an actual hospital who admitted her. Unfortunately for her family, it was three hours away.
The folks at the local faux hospital should be ashamed of themselves.....