This is Emergency Services as its Defined on a Community Services Boards' Web Site

Emergency Services/Crisis Counseling is a State mandated program. This unit provides short-term crisis counseling and referrals to individuals on an emergency basis. Emergency and crisis response services include: telephone interventions; face-to-face assessments and evaluation (including pre-admission screening); psychiatric consultation and other clinical consultation about mental health, substance abuse, and special populations which include children, adolescents, geriatric, people with mental retardation, and individuals involved in the forensic system. Emergency Services/Crisis Counseling is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Things Sure Aren't What They Used to be..Conditions Sure Have Changed

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Don't shoot fish in a barrel....hmmmmm...

Hey, I just can't help myself.
You know, all the news that's fit to report and then some. A recent post was about the hospital that isn't. Well, have another for you.
OK. Here's the deal. A dear friend, whom I've known for over fifteen years, recently opened a crisis and detox center. She worked her butt off on this project. She did it from the ground up....writing procedure manuals, buying the furniture and stuff and hiring a 24-hour staff. Yep, mental heath folks, counselors, nurses, and hey...yes, even a doc.
Yes, I think you might know what's coming..... Hey, it ain't her fault. Honest.
Yes, the detox center can't DETOX! No need to say anything else........